My Art

First to start off my artwork I enjoyed the artwork because I like painting. In the art with the different shapes I learnt about blending colours. It makes new colours so you can make heaps more colours than you have. For the face picture we had to do a thinking face and I thought about why does Santa wear red? We had to cut the paper into equal parts so that it was neat for the hair.
I think I need to get better at getting more neat at painting.


It’s me and I am here because I am going to tell you about uncertainties. At first I am going to show you a list of rooms-

room 4 – In room 4 I learnt music and tried different instruments and rhythms.
room 3 – In room 3 I tried different food like sushi.
room 6 – In room 6 I learnt different languages like maori and fiji.
room 8 – In room 8 I learnt the Highland fling.

Here is my uncertainty poster.

The Tiger

To start off about the tiger I looked in books and then I found some information about the tiger. Then I did voicethread. Then I did this post. I learnt that if you get a e-portfolio you get to do fun things.

I like when I started this animal adaptation report because it was brand new to me. I need to improve by checking some of my words with a dictionary.